Jump ‘N’ Splash Princess

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This innovative Wet & Dry Bounce Combos addresses the problem of the bounce area getting too slippery once it gets wet. When water gets on the vinyl it causes the kids to slip and lose their balance with serious injuries a real possibility. The incorporated specially built heavy duty Non-Slip Material on the entrance ramp and on the entire jumping mattress virtually preventing kids from slipping. The bouncer has a basketball hoop and drainage system built in.  Wet or dry you have an amazing combo that can be used year round. With the pool attached kids can bounce, climb up the ladder and push off onto the slide whipping around a 90° turn and splashing down into the pool. 

Detach the pool and use it as a dry bouncer and slide.

Dimension: 18ft long x 27ft wide x 17ft high

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Jump 'N' Splash Princess

Jump 'N' Splash Princess

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 27x17x18
Space Needed: 27x17x18